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More Random Gay Male. Davis Brothers Ch. And by the way, once I have sold you a book, I will send it to you again as many times as you need me to, think of it as insurance against computer crashes, just write to me with the same e-mail as you have on the Paypal account, that's all the confirmation I need and I have the data on my book sales safe from any crashes on my side.

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  8. When he tries to reject one old hag kindly, she proves to be a witch that casts a spell depriving the Prince of his manhood! His penis has been literally stolen from his body he feels all it feels still and while the witch has hidden it well, it is soon discovered by Bry, a young peasant boy who finds this virile penis to be a wonderfully fun toy to play with and suck on. As for the Prince, he is helpless to do anything but lie back and enjoy it. This Prince needs to find out who has his cock The Boy Next Door Our eighteen-year-old college freshman is having trouble studying due to the arguing of the noisy next-door neighbors.

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    He goes out to complain to find their six-year-old son sitting outside their door, crying. He takes the boy in and this turns into an arrangement where these arguing parents pay him to take care of the boy and the boy takes care of our hero in the process! Climbing Mount Daddy Our hero has had a hell of a day and his wife makes it worse by picking a fight.

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    Freshly bathed and exhausted, he is greeted by his son Gregg, five years old and irrepressibly happy and naked. Gregg knows just how to make his Daddy smile with a game of "climbing Mt.