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Skip to content. Gay korean dating app http: Search for: Similar size and style. A bit dirtier, but the porch out front is a great spot to meet people.

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Facebook or Website. Why Not? A bit more pricey, but a quieter, classier experience. Trance — A trans bar with some good drag-shows on the weekend. Similar to a host bar, where your waitress will talk and flirt with you. Him by Pulse — Located off of Homo Hill. This is the best place to go dancing or go clubbing. It is the biggest of the gay clubs and costs about dollar entry for guys and 50 yes 50 for girls — so be warned.

It is a little pricey to get in, but it always has the best and liveliest crowd. Gray — Similar to Pulse in size and feel, but more of a Korean crowd. Hamilton Hotel Pool — This is a summer only pool party, which is not exclusively gay, but you can find plenty of them here. There are drinks, food, a live DJ and a pretty energetic crowd. This is one of my favorite places to hang out in the summer time.

Reddit also has some good, up-to date info on new Bars that are always opening. This is usually a host bar where you will pay through the nose for drinks and table fees. There are a few of these on the hill so watch out. Always Home — stay away from this place. How to Get There: Go out Itaewon Station and take Exit 3. Walk straight for one block. Take a right so that is on your left. Walk up the hill for two blocks and take a left. This is located more towards downtown Seoul and has a much bigger Korean, less foreigner scene.

This is in contrast Itaewon where nearly everyone speaks English. The nightlife scene here is much more laid back and limited to quiet bars, cocktail lounges, and karaoke rooms. I only went a few times, and if you are more into a quiet, discrete night-out then there are a few good places to check out.

Either way, though, I really suggest going with a Korean friend.

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  7. The gay area is a more hidden, slightly rougher version of Jong-Ro, but in my opinion, more fun. There are about 10 gay venues, including soju sake bars, host bars, and karaoke rooms. My American friends and I went a few times and were treated especially well by staff and locals all be it an older crowd with free food, drinks and lots of friendly conversation. If you are outgoing, then you can easily sit down with a local group of Koreans.

    In all of my experiences, they are more than happy to chat and buy you a few drinks. If you go with the right people it can be a blast. It is not your typical night out, but if you are looking for something different then check it out. If you want to do shots of soju and get really drunk off of beer with gay Korean businessmen then this is the place to go. Tantra — A quiet gay bar with a few locals. Also, you will probably get free things service if you stop in. Boss — A large Karaoke room where you can sing and mingle with other groups. Drinks are reasonably priced.

    Walk out Exit 5 and Take a right, towards Take the side street on the left of Gay scenes outside of Seoul do exist, though they are generally more underground and you really need dig in order to find them. You are definitely going to need an address or smart phone. After the Korean War, evangelical missionaries wasted no time trying to spread Christianity far and wide throughout the country.

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    As a result, evangelical Christianity has really stuck. Most Christians spend every Sunday at church, some even all day up to 12 hours.

    Older Koreans will try to get you to come along too. There are also a lot of active missionaries who are eager to sign you on up. Most women are stay at home moms and gender roles are very strict. One thing I was really shocked at is how much racism there is towards non-Koreans, be it black, Hispanic, white, or even from another Asians. Agism as well as sexism are also very prevalent but typically go unnoticed, mostly because most people are unaware that they are even doing it.

    But, as you can imagine, Korea has a long ways to go towards accepting gay people. But I would not let this deter you from going to live there. One thing to note is that there is no such thing as violence or hate crimes in Korea.

    You may be treated badly, but you will never be hurt. This is one of the safest countries in the world. There is also a generational gap. If you find the right people, and make younger friends, then you will have a fantastic time. You just need to be careful about who you tell. I was warned by many people to not come out in my work place before arriving, and I am glad I took their advice. While in Korea, I worked at two different English academies for children ages I also taught alongside about 8 Korean teachers and 8 native English instructors like myself.

    One of the hardest things for me was having to cover up my sexuality to my students and co-workers. This, beyond trying to see if you are datable, seems to be something that everyone just wants to know. More innocently, my young students would often ask me the same question, to which I would, of course, lie.

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    Even in America, I would never tell my students, especially this young — but it is something you will be asked, no matter what. So, be prepared. I even had an American friend who was a college instructor at a nearby university who was very open to his close friends you could clearly tell he was gay from talking to him. But, he needed to be very careful about having his boss find out about his sexuality in fear of being fired.

    Granted, at my first job I found out that my American co-worker was also gay and out to my boss, so I was able to ease up a bit. I think this is an exception, though, and you should really take coming out to your co-workers with caution.