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Each time I think of that moment, I wish it was possible to reverse time to when I was conceived so that I will prevent him from ever being my dad. My mum was more understanding. All she asked of me is that I should be a good boy that she will be proud of. Growing up in a different neighborhood, I met another kind of stereotype that was viler than the first. It began by mere trading of words, insults and so on if they ever get to know that you are gay. They would jeer at me each time I walked through the streets. I tried to ignore them. My plan was to leave the neighborhood once I was out of college.

Little did I know that I will leave the neighborhood much earlier. To my greatest amazement, this hate for gay grew to a terrifying level. Gays were targeted and stabbed.

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They knew all the gay guys in the area so finding them was not a problem. It was like the way mutants were hunted and captured or killed like wild animals in X-men. The first victim was a twenty years old.

He was returning from school when some guys pushed him to a corner and stabbed him twice in the tummy. He was luck to survive. Step 6: Kick Him Out: The famous adage is that paying for sex is really just paying someone to leave. After giving your boy a tip, kick him out, but be nice about it. Don't try to save his soul like Rekers said he was going to do for Lucien. Don't try to enter into a relationship with him like Marc Jacobs did with his ex Jason Preston.

Don't imprison him like Boy George did, because you will go to jail just like he did. Just set your boy free into the world. Make sure he doesn't take anything so he can come back and blackmail you. Step 7: Give Him a Good Review: We know you review restaurants on Yelp! If you found your main man online, then do the same and give him a positive review. That's going to make him money in the long run.

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Also, if you're a crazy, closet-case, anti-gay hypocrite, it will probably keep him from ratting you out and giving lots of interviews to the press about what you like in bed. Related Blogs. Step 3: It's just common courtesy. Relax yourself if you feel nervous let a friend know what you are doing, if that is not possible temporarily store enough details about the escort somewhere safe and private so that you feel more comfortable. Clean because bad hygiene may blow all your plans for many of the services you wanted out of the water. No matter how professional the escort if a client is not clean there will likely be far more restrictions in the session.

Be friendly and respectful.

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These are two qualities that professional escorts will appreciate and be looking out for if any question of meeting again. Remember the escort is being hired to provide a service but is human and most humans respond to friendliness with friendliness and disrespect with disrespect.

The fee first or after? The usual is to give money up front. Legally it is the safest for both option in most countries. It is preferable to pay on arrival in hand or in envelope so there is no concern in the escorts mind.

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Most escorts will ask sometimes and other times they will be happy to leave it until after letting their instinct guide them. But the preference will almost certainly be for the fee to be paid first and out of the way. Fun time.

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If you asked the escort when booking the appointment to take control saying that is what you want then allow the escort to do this but be sure to speak up if something is not what you had in mind. The escort wants you to enjoy so that you will be a repeat customer so the better you instruct the escort the more fun you have.

Good quality escorts will be quick to adapt and learn exactly what you enjoy. After the booking say your fair well, perhaps book another slot in advance if you enjoy or when you get home or the escort leaves as long as you were happy and want to meet the escort again maybe send a quick message or write a review for the escort.

This will virtually guarantee there will be space for you next time you want to meet. Here it goes: Book me by calling… and voila you are now fully equipped with the basic essentials of hiring a male escort. Josh Brandon xXx. Great advice Josh. Mutual respect is paramount. We all have our wants and needs and you share your beautiful body with those who desire your services.

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Cleanliness too ensures a comfortable and fun time. Love and resect.

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James x. Cleanliness is at the definitely top of the list! Thanks for sharing you thoughts James xx. I once paid upfront for 2hrs then after an hour the guy made an excuse to go out to his car to get something. He never came back.. So now, unless they ask, I pay afterwards.