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It is always possible to come across to some bad guys who want to trap the gay men in such places. Especially, be careful at night time and do not carry very valuable things and a lot of money on you, just in case. The most visible cruising places in Antalya are these: Yach Marina is located in Kaleici, old city district in downtown Antalya.

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It is usually not very dangerous to walk about as long as you be selective with people you get in touch with. There may be hustlers in the vicinity. Especially the isolated parts closer to the sea side are where most local gay men are walking about. Watch out hustlers and thieves especially late at night, and do not carry valuable belongings on you. Please see visitor reviews below for more detailed information.

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Selekler Carsisi is a one of the old shopping mall at the junction of Gulluk and Konyaalti streets. The park is more central, therefore safer than Karaalioglan Park to walk around after dark, but you still need to be careful with the people you meet here. You can see few local gay people cruising around especially in the evening, mostly around the monument. This place was recommended as a cruising area by a website visitor in July Do not expect any visible gay atmosphere. The entrance is at the far end of the Karaalioglu Park when you walk from Kaleici.

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Look for a small sign-board on your right walk down the steps to reach the entrance. It is a small beach created on artificial platforms mounted on the rocks and it has no sandy beach. There are sun beds, umbrellas and changing rooms as well as beverage service. This place was initially suggested by a Turkish website visitor as: This place is often visited by local gay men as well as gay tourists and even some transgender.

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It is a secluded place and mostly rocky. It is a long strand of pebbles and rough stand backed by park, some hotels, and residential areas. It is a pleasant walk to get to Konyaalti from city center but you can also take the tram westward from Kalekapisi at the center of Antalya to the end of the line near the Antalya Museum and the Falez and Sheraton Voyager hotels, then walk downhill 10 minutes to reach Antalya Beach Park and the eastern end of Konyaalti Plaji. Antalya Beach Park has shade trees, snack stands, restaurants, cafes and bars, showers and other services, as well as beach chairs and sun umbrellas for rent.

Lara beach - Google Map Lara is the most popular beach district near Antalya city center, about 16 km but easily accessible by frequent public buses and shuttle-like public taxies called "dolmush" in Turkey. Lara Plaji Lara Beach east of Antalya is a long beach of gentle waves, darkish sand, and some small pebbles. Most parts of the beach are backed by commercial services offering beach chairs, sun umbrellas, snacks and drinks, showers and perhaps even some entertainment. East of the waterfall a point of land extends into the Gulf of Antalya. Hotels, restaurants and other services host visitors who swim mostly from docks and platforms.

The real sand beach starts on the east side of the point and extends for several kilometers. The first major installation is Lara Halk Plaji, with beach services organized by the city of Antalya.

Few active men looking for sex during the night. You hook up in the park and the action happens in the dark areas of the cliffs. Bring your condoms and don't bring valuables. Safe place, go there after 9 pm Be selective, lots of young straight crowds. They are friendly - but not gay! Karaalioglu Park: Nice place to go, lots of straight guys as well, so be selective. At your left there are steps going down to the base. The rest you will find yourself. A safe place to go. Take reef shoes for going in and out of the sea , as the beach is pebbly. See who goes in and out of the swimming pool and follow them.

Also , hang around here any time of day as it is a local gay sex spot. At night , cruising and sex below the ramparts in Karaalioglu Park , Antalya City. Watch out though , they will ask you for money after you have had sex, so, best to go there with no money, no watch , no phone , no valuables.

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  • Cumhuriyet Square , right next to the clock tower in Antalya City. Local gays meet to chat and cruise. Common sense tells you that if the guy is quite well dressed and western'ish he is probably just a normal gay or bi guy looking for hook-ups. Chatting to the gay tourists here is also a good thing. If a local guy is poor and grubby looking , he is probably only there cruising for sex with the view of receiving payment. He wont be into you , he will be in to your money. Again , go there with no phone , no watch or jeweler and just a small amount of money.

    Three large turrets are built in to the cliffs at the sea and these turrets hold the park level. Cruising and action takes place at the base of the centre turret. It involves quite a treacherous climb down the cliff face in order to achieve privacy. From Antalya "Clock Tower" famous landmark walk south down Ataturk Caddesi, for about 10 minutes, until you reach the park. Walk many tourist hotels are located. Cruise the walls of the turrets or sit on the steps that lead down to the base of the centre turret.

    12222 Gay Antalya Chat Site (Turkey)

    Consider taking a look at it in daylight first , since the path down to the base of the turrets and onward down the cliff is treacherous.. Local men may ask you for money or may be pick pockets. The risk is more prevalent at this location as it is remote and dark and has only one entry and exit point. Avoid if there are groups of local youths, leave and come back another time. Go there with minimal money and leave your valuables at your hotel. Most Turkish men consider themselves "tops" so be prepared to bottom. There is a small park at the sea front opposite the Riviera Suite Hotel at sk.

    Men cruise the m boardwalk along here , beginning and ending their walk in this park. At sunset until midnight. Take a seat on one of the benches in the park, catch someone's eye and strike up a conversation. If no one is here , walk along the boardwalk to the derelict swimming pool and try there. It is cruising and "take away" only". Posted to our Yahoo group on August 21st, "Patara Beach. Patara Beach is one of only three or four official nude beaches in Turkey. Nude sunbathing is permitted some distance away from the clothed section. Near the town of Patara and Gelemis , Patara Beach is approximately 10 miles west of Kalkan, miles west of Antalya, 75miles east of Dalaman.

    Click here for Google map. From the beach car park walk approximately half a mile west to your right , away from the clothed tourists and cafe. Spot the small , man-made beach shelters, made out of twigs on the shoreline or other nudists and you have reached it. Cruising occurs away from the shoreline , in the sand dunes behind. Take plenty of refreshments. Best Times: At the beach is closed to the public and patrolled by military as it is a protected area used by sea turtles.

    Sex between gay and bisexual men is possible in relative secrecy in the sand dunes and shrubbery. Mixture of ages and body types , mostly Turkish locals, few tourists.

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    • Mostly "top" men , very few bottoms. It is so remote that there are never many people there, but that is in fact its' main attraction. It is a 12 mile long , un spoilt beach of worldwide heritage status.

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      Here you can catch the local bus dolmus for very little money , and it runs every hour until the beach closes. Some days , there might be none".

      Cruising in the sand dunes in the area between the sea on the East Beach Dolphin Beach Bar and the main bus station to the north. A nice place to swim and sunbathe is the East Beach. Behind this area of beach is scrub land containing, as yet, unexcavated historical ruins. There are trees , bushes and sand dunes.