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Gran Canaria is an extremely famous destination throughout the year for European gays. This Spanish island is part of the Canary Islands, which lies off the coast of Africa, therefore guaranteed almost days of great weather. Spain generally is a very gay-friendly destination, but Gran Canaria has always had a more tolerant attitude.

During the harsh, repressive Franco years, the government turned a blind eye to homosexuality as the island was too far away from the mainland to bother with. From the s, tourism really started to take off, attracting more and more foreigners and therefore even more tolerant attitudes. We love Gran Canaria because there is a massive gay scene at Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles in the southern part of the island. The Yumbo Centre is the focal point for the area: Slightly further south of this is the large gay beach at Kiosk 7.

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One of our favourite experiences in Gran Canaria was taking a boat trip run by Canarias Gay with friends to the remote beach called Gui Gui. This is a clothing optional beach on the Western coast of the island, hidden away at the bottom of a Grande ravine. This was the perfect day trip and a more relaxing way to see a different side to this remarkable island. Maspalomas Pride takes place every May. There are plenty of bars, parties, cultural events and film exhibitions that focus on the gay community. We also love Milan because everyone is welcome! Most of the bars we like to drink at before going out are around Porta Venezia and at the heart of this area is Via Lecco.

Hostels in Milan Cheap flights to Milan. If the queer and transgender scene is more your speed, check out Wednesday nights at The Woods in Brooklyn. Not a drinker? New York Pride takes place every June.

7 Places to Find Your Next Boyfriend That Are Not a Bar

Rome is an incredible city with tonnes of amazing places to take photos and historical sites that will take your breath away. Inclusive and international, the gay life in Rome is fun and easy-going. Both during international events or smaller local festivals, you will meet plenty of good-hearted people that will offer you to show you around. The heart of the gay life in Rome is Gay Street, right behind the Colosseum. This is the place locals prefer for a drink to start the night.

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Muccassassina in winter and Gay Village in Summer. Rome Pride takes place every June. Hostels in Rome Cheap flights to Rome.

Lisbon recommended by Gian Luca from Viaggia e Scopri. As the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is full of culture and nice spots to see and visit. The nightlife in Bairro Alto is really fun, and there are several gay-friendly pubs, discos and a sauna. But Lisbon gay life is not only limited to the city centre.

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Extended along the southern coast is the Costa da Caparica, a stunning place to enjoy the sea, with beautiful, long beaches and areas equipped for tourists. This region is served by a slow train that starts from Lisbon and travels along the coast. Beach 19 is a well-known gay beach and a great place to meet new people and have fun. Last but not least, the Portuguese people are very open-minded and LGBT people are free to be themselves.

Lisbon Pride takes place every June. During our current world trip, we fell in love with Japan and especially with Tokyo. Japanese people are the kindest and most polite people we have ever met. Therefore, public displays of affection PDAs and topics like sex and sexuality are things Japanese do not talk about, though gender norms are more fluid in Japan than elsewhere in the world.

15 gay-friendly cities that LGBT travellers love

Especially while drinking, Japanese people open up about these things and that might be the reason that Tokyo has more gay bars than London! And in between all the gay bars we found the perfect place for us: Tokyo Pride takes place every May. Hostels in Tokyo Cheap flights to Tokyo. DC also has great neighborhoods like the trendy Shaw district or Logan Circle, with an upscale and elegant feel, including chic boutiques and wine bars.

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Or head to Columbia Heights to experience a strong Latino and hipster crowd with a mix of ethnic restaurants and cool taverns. Hostels in Washington Cheap flights to Washington. Bangkok is an Asian megacity, bursting with energy and colour. Often overlooked by visitors eager to reach the glorious beaches of Southern Thailand, this capital city has life pulsating from its core. Dallas has that big city feel while still offering all of the extras you look for in a new hometown.

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A blend of cultures and time periods, there is something and someone for everyone. With all of the ladies here, the only thing you have to worry about being stolen is your heart. The great music and awesome sports teams are only a small part of Detroit. The atmosphere is fresh and ready for new things just like you. A high quality of life and a low cost of living make Austin a perfect place to live and love — that, and the abundance of single women!

With practically nonexistent traffic seriously , you two will have no problem checking out St. With beautiful weather and a prime spot on the river, Jacksonville has a lot to offer. This city provides cheap living, plenty of employment opportunities and many, many available ladies. What more could you want? Photo sources: As the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice. Men's Dating. Discuss This! New York City, New York — 1,, single women. Los Angeles, California — , single women. Dating Score: Tourists and professionals are more likely to travel or relocate to cities where there is a higher chance of them developing friendships and relationships with other members of the LGBT community.

Having a particular strong LGBT night scene is what helps some cities to establish themselves as leading gay destinations.

Openness in the City Score: Feeling proud and confident in who you are is an integral part of being comfortable in a city. The openness of fellow citizens towards different orientations influences how at ease members of the LGBT community feel. Being protected against hate crime and other forms of prejudice is necessary in order for an LGBT community to truly flourish.

Being renowned for safety helps a city to attract minority orientations. For this factor the study used public data provided by police departments of each of the cities on the official number of hate crimes reported in per capita. LGBT Rights: The rights of LGBT citizens vary greatly from country to country.