Dating a gay marine

BananaRepublic gap gap LindaLewis. A photo posted by Steve Grand stevegrandmusic on Nov 10, at 5: Post MarineCorpsBall with my date, Sgt. BananaRepublic LindaLewis bananarepublic gap. A photo posted by Steve Grand stevegrandmusic on Nov 10, at What a night: It being Veteran's Day and all, and only four years after the official repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," it's really heartening to see an out servicemember able to take the date of his choice to the Marine Corps Ball.

As a queer social work student who interned at a veterans hospital a year ago, I would like to thank you so much for openly sharing your story!

Dating a Marine

It is awful when people must live in silence and shame of their true identities in order to protect themselves and others. Again, thank you for such honesty! The Marines have no idea how much of a hero you truly are. I cannot thank you enough for sharing, and educating. Literally moved to tears by your wonderful story. Sending you and Brandon my very best wishes indeed!

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I rarely read a full blog post and I enjoyed reading every moment of this. And happy belated sir! I have no words, I am overwhelmed by your story. I am so glad I clicked on the link and I wish you all the happiness you deserve and I hope this country can keep moving forward to show you the respect you deserve. Your beautifully written story reminds us that there is more than one kind of courage. Both you and Brandon clearly have it in bucket-loads. Wishing you well. Have a wonderful life together. Amazing inspiring story.

You express yourself so well! I have been lucky to be out, even at work, since the mid s, and in a notoriously homophobic industry. Thank you so much for helping bring our military along on this journey, and paving the way for so many other soldiers who happen to be gay! So moving — moved me to tears in fact. Thank you for telling the story so well and for inspiring me to not be afraid of being who I am.

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Thank you so much for sharing this story with the world and all the sacrifices you made for our country. I also want you to know that many people were with you every step of the way, working our asses off to repeal DADT. Over the years, my family, friends and me sent or made literally hundreds of email, letters, tweets or phone calls about DADT.

Dating a Marine

My dad was a Marine and he instilled in us a deep sense to stand up for justice and keep working at it. During the final debate in the U. Senate, my mom started calling the wavering Republican senators and graciously insisting on speaking with their legislative directors about the repeal bill. So hearing your story about going to the Marines ball brought tears to my eyes.

It made proud to be an American, too. And so do you. This is such an awsume, well told story. Good luck in your future. Stay safe, healthy, happy and free. Simply amazing. I live in San Diego. Would love to meet you some day and have a drink with.

You have a way with words. You are a talented writer. That was beautiful: This is a lovely story. Thank you so much for sharing it, and thank you so much for your service. Your story touched me deeply. It was so raw and honest.

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It is horrifying to me that our servicemen and theoretically women could not report assaults because of fearing reprisals through DADT. This was an amazing story; thanks so much for sharing it! I still have a lump in my throat from reading your this. Thank you for sharing your life and your story with us.

Our military should never have had to serve under DADT. I am thankful for your service and I am so proud of you.

On Marines, equality, and my date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball (Part 1)

Thanks for sharing your experience! Some of my coworkers may have suspicions.

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One of my subordinates from my previous command followed me to my present duty station that could add credibility to any rumors. I am incredibly grateful my career is no longer on the line. Thank you for all you do- for the world, for our country, for your Marines, for the gay community, for all of us as human beings. And your boy is very cute- not to mention he can stand up to the stress of the Marine Birthday Ball?!? What a catch! I was commissioned and served during the first gulf war.

Being a naval officer was my first best destiny, but DADT put an end to it. Good luck Captain!

Semper Fi and happy birthday, Marine. Thank you for protecting us all. Seems to little to say: I wanted you to know people are grateful to you and for your humanity. My daughters will know of your heroism. I am Wiccan so being gay to me is like being tall or short its just how you are. I used to be amazed at the deceptions and misdirection. The amount of trouble he had to go through to keep from being found out and discharged. I am in an interesting position to know what a witch hunt feels like. I am glad beyond word that you know have a chance at your happy ever after. Now we just need make same sex marriage legal.

Its accepted in my faith, I sometimes wonder if anyone has tried the freedom of religion angle. If my Religion allows same sex marriage seems to me that the ban violates my right to perform the marriage in accordance with my faith…. Your beautifully-written account of your courage, service and grace moved me more than I can say. It brought a tear to my eye but it also made me as happy as you and Brandon look in that photo. Captain — what a beautiful testimonial to progress and history in the making.

You make us all proud. I am gay and served 32 years in the military, retired as an Air Force Chief. I know what you are saying and know how difficult it was and to some extent still is. I know the future will be better. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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So glad you were able to enjoy the ball together! I wish you the best and maybe we will run into you one of these days!

What a great post and an even greater story. What an even greater thing than to hear how great of a night you had, and how it ended in the perfect way — a kiss, in public, for everyone to see! Thank you for sharing this incredible night! Best wishes to you and yours. Thanks for sharing with us. I have the most pleasant smile on my face right now! So super stoked for you and your boo! Semper Fi Marine!!! I am a Marine. A married, straight, Marine. Ticked, even, when they announced it. Reading your blog, I saw something different than what I feared.

I must applaud you for your efforts and for your professionalism.