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In the Catholic Church, priests, nuns and monks all take vows of celibacy. The Church teaches that homosexual tendencies are not sinful in themselves, but homosexual acts are. He urged homosexuals who are already priests or nuns to be celibate and responsible to avoid creating scandal.

What It Is Like To Be Celibate, Christian, and Gay – Be Yourself

The interview was conducted in mid-August. Less than two weeks later, on Aug. He also accused the pope of having ignored alleged sexual misconduct with adult male seminarians by former American cardinal Theodore McCarrick, The Catholic Church has been haunted for more than two decades by evidence of thousands of cases of sexual abuse of minors by clergy around the world, in countries ranging from the United States to Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Chile.

In July, McCarrick became the first cardinal to resign in nearly years after U. Church officials said allegations made in a separate investigation that he had sexually abused a year-old boy almost 50 years ago were credible and substantiated. McCarrick has said he had no recollection of the alleged abuse of the minor, but has not commented on the allegations of misconduct with the seminarians, which allegedly took place decades ago.

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Discover Thomson Reuters. Answers On Innovation Thomson Reuters. That is to say, until recently the problems of the church have been painted purely as problems of pedophilia—this despite clear evidence to the contrary. Protestants and evangelicals should be forewarned. Reaching out with helpful compassion to those entrapped by homosexual temptation is one thing. If some of us need to be taught how to be more welcoming on that front, such is altogether within the spirit of this column. There are those who suffer from same-sex attraction who do not celebrate homosexuality as an identity, and who resist their temptation appropriately without inviting scandal.

But offering, or even allowing, positions of church leadership to people who embrace and celebrate sexual disorders, all on the promise they will be chaste, is foolhardy. Bishop Morlino is kind but firm when he says: I am tired of people being hurt, gravely hurt! I am tired of the obfuscation of truth. I am tired of sin.

And, as one who has tried—despite my many imperfections—to lay down my life for Christ and His church, I am tired of the regular violation of sacred duties by those entrusted with immense responsibility from the Lord for the care of His people.

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Every single one of the priests who stand guilty of sexual abuse started with a promise of chastity. When I argue, as I have in this space for the last 25 years, that we evangelical Christians should Media reporting on the recent devastating flooding—in places as distant as Mozambique and as close The luxury liner was steaming through a calm, star-studded night when it happened. Fast asleep after days of rough weather and turbid fog, passengers were thrown from their beds by a violent As the article says it is not wise to celebrate same-sex attraction even if one promises celebacy personally.

However, it is also not wise to hide it. Single pastors and church leaders like the apostle Paul will have sexual temptations.

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The world tells us they are different and homosexuals "can't help it and must be who they are. We are all sinners, but the Holy Spirit can help us all to be holy. Honesty will help put people in the right positions as well. Don't ask a theif to count the offering, don't let a heterosexual man have a slumber party with the teen girls, etc. But is it safe to be honest in our churches?

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Joel, thank you for saying something that is extremely unpopular with many of our countrymen but, frankly, needs to be said. You look older to me so I think you'll be OK but for our younger truth tellers I fear the day is approaching when a person will be jailed for expressing such sentiments. Sexual sin is devestating because it is so very personal.

I remember how violated I felt after a thief broke into my house several years ago. How much worse is it when your body is violated? The church needs to be a lot less accommodating of adultery and fornication, homosexual or heterosexual.

A Celibate Same-Sex Couple?

Homosexuality is a sin. You can't have a celibate homosexual, just like you can't have a robber who never robbed, a murderer who never murdered and so on All sin originates in the heart.

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Jesus spoke of sins of the heart, saying hate is murder in one's heart and lust is adultery in the heart. Homosexual lust in the mind is also sin. Homosexuality is sin whether it is practiced or not. So it is contrary to God's word for any Christian to condone it. The church needs to stop thinking like the world, accepting the false notion that certain people are inherently homosexual. They are not. They are normal people commiting normal sins. Wesley Hill wrote a book, "Washed and Waiting: Your library may have it. I believe I learned about it two years ago through World magazine.