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We have a bit about getting him home before his wife or husband gets upset. This is the most sexually open city in the country, and I would accept any explanation for his behavior. Open marriage? But the lack of any rational explanation from him makes me default to the simplest one. Sign in Get started. Dating Diaries: Feb 7, The idea is that there is always a tiny piece of you that is all-knowing.

A tiny piece that knows what you truly want and what will truly make you happy.

Dating Diaries: Am I Dating a Gay Guy or Just a Commitment Phobe?

Those feels, they are important feels. Technically, every decision we make is life-altering. Think about it logically and then ask your guts and see if those two things align. If you go against your gutty, you will spend the rest of your life wondering how things may have been different.

If you go with your gutty, you will know. Hopeful, I did the same and had the hole in my soul, that I filled up with food, alcohol, men, etc etc whatever to fill the emptiness inside I was trying to fill up because I had learned to ignore my inner voice. How am I not taking care of myself, that I have the hole in my soul, coming back. I trust that the answer will come. I have been looking into buying a house, and have a good feeling about that. So I am just going to go with the flow right now. And I am trusting my intuition.

Dating Diaries: Am I Dating a Gay Guy or Just a Commitment Phobe?

I know if I let my ego, or my head, get in the way, I know where I end up, in a lot of pain. OMG Hopefull you sound exactly like me and what I just recently went through. I was involved with a guy at work strike 1 who was younger than me strike 2 who lied to me and told me he was divorced strike 3. At first I thought he was around my age but then when I suspected he was 10 years younger I have to admit I felt flattered and I was physically attracted to him. Mu gut and conscience screamed at me and I ignored them. Consequently I suffered from extreme anxiety and stress as I was lying to myself about who I was, what I wanted, what I was feeling, etc.

I was in conflict with myself over my choices and actions and I felt so guilty. Even after I found out he was married I still hooked up with him 2 more times for sex because the magnetic pull between us was so strong. I lost myself for a while and I went to a scary place that I never want to go back to again. Now I will speak up when something does not sit right with me and will not be ashamed or embarrassed to voice my beliefs or values.

And I am just now getting to point where I can forgive myself for being so stupid and foolish and ashamed for my actions. And I can finally admit to myself and acceptthe fact that all he wanted was sex from me even though he hinted at wanting a relationship in the beginning. Call foul?

7 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Guy

Recognize red flags etc? What does that say about me? I have your back Hopefull. My gut is my truth-teller.

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  • It is authentic me. I can feel truth physically. I felt like I was drowning for months. My counsellor told me to stick with it and that it would ease away — and not to go up into my head but to listen to my voices there. It was a good lesson and I am still learning. I love my gut. I took a big step back and it took me a little while to work out what set the alarm bells ringing.

    I know what that one means — big red flag and bail as quick as I can.

    Dannielle Says:

    Thankfully, I have been on a low BS diet. Thankfully, listened to my gut. I Did not break NC. It was nice to know he had nothing better to do on V day, than try to do some lame, lazy text for attention or whatever. My gut told me he is a liar. Flush…flush…flush…flush It could lull you to sleep at night. You could pretend you were on some gorgeous tropical beach…the waves washing too and fro…laughing flirtatiously with the cocktail waiter…. This is extraordinary.

    And often they take the opportunity that the victim played a role in the whole thing, too. Mitigating the act. Diminishing the crime. Reducing and deflecting the blame. And so on. I ask you. That they must just be imagining that they once had a television in the corner of the living room. And that they themselves must have lost or destroyed the solid silver candlesticks they inherited from a great aunt in Returning to the scene of the crime…..!! Omg that is great. Who behaves like that??? I see that statement as his projection and lack of touch with reality that got him into his pile of shit to begin with.

    He underestimated me and thought of me as far more insecure than I truly was. Even in the face of truth he still tried to prey on what he percieved as my insecurities to devalue me.

    Have The Willingness To Listen To Your Gut

    What he failed to recognize which was his ultimate downfall and achilles heal is that I am stronger and smarter and more secure than he can see. Anyhoo, lesson learned, BS detector tuned up a notch, taking better care of myself and learning to recon with reality…and trusting my gut. Amen Although it is shocking to be caught in the web of a disordered person it truly is a life learning experience that changes you forever.

    The reason they underestimate you is that Narcs truly feel superior to anyone they are involved with. I was the first person to abandon my Narc and boy did he make it hard to escape. They operate on fear and ego and how dare you challenge their ego. Drew me back into his malicious web numerous times but I thank God I escaped and you should too.

    Now he is predictably playing the pity card and feigning guilt. The only mistake we made is believing in the goodness of humans who never had our best interests at heart. Amen to you too Beth, I feel the same way. I second guessed myself later when I actually thought about it, thought myself being mean etc, but have come to see it for what it was in the light of BR; I was protecting myself from the cockroach by setting events in motion to get him out of my life.

    Your second guessing coment brought back something that happened in the beginning of my relationship. He said those words intimated he was lying. I said if the shoe fits.. I said great idea! My second guessing started shortly after. They confuse you and it is the nature of the beast. I held firm as it was the beginning of the relationship but I did break when he came back like a lamb. Talk about red flags I ignored!! The MM AC Narc I was involved with never used anger for control, always pity and tears, probably learned early on that this was the easiest quietest way to manipulate women.

    Like on our first day together after he told me he was actually married in a drama filled tearful way , he got on his knees and cried and begged me to wait for him… Poor wee lambie, I was so enamoured by this vulnerable display of emotion and how could I possibly hurt him by denying his request? Oh and how that relates to listening to my gut? My buttons were constantly pushed by a damn drama King too although I prefer your cockroach word lol It truly is all about them unless they are using their energy to manipulate, persuade, and con you into buying their sad story.

    Kristin Says:

    That would make no sense. It took me half an hour to get the spare key from my cousin. What an idiot I am. Wow Griz, love that point, so true. Then told me that he only lied to me as much as he was in denial to himself. They were all lies in different forms so that he could get what he wanted and not take responsibility for his actions.

    If he was a decent person, our last conversation would have gone more like: End of.