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We could frequent gay bars, bathhouses, the men's room in the basement of a local department store, highway rest stops, the steam room at the gym, certain notorious parks, and that was about it.

Unfortunately, each of these venues was fraught with a certain amount of danger. In fact, arrests, public embarrassment and gay bashings were a semi-regular hazard of being gay. And regardless of whether we chose to keep our activities underground in an effort to avoid these problems which was the almost universal survival tactic until the earlys or to live our lives out loud which became more common after the Stonewall uprising in and the American Psychiatric Association's removal of homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in , our venues for meeting potential dates remained the same.


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I mean, we couldn't exactly search for partners at church socials, work events, and neighborhood gatherings like our straight brethren, could we? So we sucked it up and faced the occasional issues that came with meeting in gay hotspots, or we resigned ourselves to life as a single person. Sadly, that's pretty much the way life went for gay men until the Internet came along.

After that, of course, the landscape changed pretty quickly. By the mids, we were meeting not in public spaces but online - in private chat rooms and, within a few years, through dating sites. Needless to say, this made the getting-to-know-you process much, much safer though not necessarily easier. Things were further streamlined in with the advent of Grindr, the first-ever smartphone app designed for romantic purposes.

Gays were way ahead of the curve on this one.

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Now, in , we've got Grindr, Growlr, A4A, Scruff, Manhunt and countless other ways to digitally meet and mate - and none of these online venues puts us at risk the way old-fashioned locales once did. Honestly, hanging around in a Macy's restroom for hours on end? That sounds so quaint. At the same time, how many people go online looking for Mr.

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Right but end up with something completely different -- be it a meaningless sexual encounter or a long evening with a toad? In other words, even though digital devices make meeting and hooking up easier than ever, finding a long-term relationship can still be quite difficult.

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And with gay marriage now legal nationwide -- hurrah for the Supreme Court -- the thinly veiled line between casual sex and serious dating is more important than ever. Yes, sometimes marriage-minded gay men will make their online profiles crystal clear, posting statements like, "I am looking for a long-term relationship. If that doesn't interest you, then we're not a good match.

In response to this, some guys are turning away from modern technology and going old-school, opting for a traditional matchmaker. One such intermediary is He's For Me , a Texas-based gay matchmaking service founded by Tammy Shaklee, a straight woman who met her husband through a similar company. About her own experience Shaklee says, "I was 35, frustrated that I was still single two years after a long-term relationship had ended. My career was thriving and I loved life, but I worked too much and dating was difficult.

Sundays were especially lonely. I thought, 'There has to be a professional to help me with this,' and there was.

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My husband was my thirtieth potential match, but I was his third. The Mixology girls helped me layout the criteria I was truly looking for in a partner and gave me dating feedback after the date. It built up my confidence in dating and when I met my partner, I feel like I was truly ready for him.

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I am proud to have used Mixology. They were knowledgable about different communication styles and they understood what I found attractive in a partner. A combination of these two things helped them find me who I am married to today. Mixology Matchmaking curates a one of a kind dating experience for exceptional singles. Get started How we work.

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Beyond Grindr: Matchmaking in the Gay Marriage Era

How We Work. In-Person interviews. Hand selected matches. In depth conversation. Vigorous feedback. Frequently asked questions. Matchmakers alliance.

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